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Format: Paperback
Susan’s Brother is an insight into the reality of a young boy’s transition into manhood. It’s a window on dyslexia for parents struggling to cope with a child who can’t communicate how it feels to be trapped in a world that does not relate to him, and one in which he cannot relate. It is also a tale of a mother who does not love her son.
There is a real glimpse into the way that society not only casts blame on the child for the failings of the parent but also how mental institutions victimise those who are already deeply disturbed. Susan’s Brother narrowly escapes institutionalisation due to his intellect and the kindness and interest of others. Ultimately this book is shocking in the way that a young child - who should be full of the wonder of exploring what life is – is dulled, desensitised and traumatised. And yet, this young man finds fulfilled joy in later years. There is a real sense of the history of the decade that readers will find stirs memories of their own growing up years - the years before television!
This is a valid, worthy subject for disclosure and readers are in a privileged position to hear his story. It will be interesting to read what James Marinero produces in the future.
For grown-ups who like bikes, cars, numbers, social history, and particularly radios!”