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Books Read

In 2011 I started a project to identify all the books I have read, the books that have shaped the way I write and what I seek out when I want a bit of relaxation, self improvement or mind-stretching. The list grew, and I tried to work out how many I'd read - that would give me an estimate of how many I could remember. I guess it is somewhere in the region of 750-800 (there was a big gap of maybe 15 years when I had little time to read).

The list does not include text books, or children's books. Neither does it include the countless books on sailing that I have devoured over the years.

These are the ones I can remember - I'm still adding to it. It got too big for a page here, so it's over on goodreads.com (with all the relevant book bios and the reviews I've had time to write).

523 and counting - and a lot forgotten!

Link to Goodreads: James Marinero's Book  Reviews