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Favourite Poetry

An index of my favourite poetry, with brief notes on each page. Where the poem is still in copyright, I have included links (no affiliation).

Reading them again brings back intense feelings - as one grows older and more experienced of the world, then I think that one is better able to appreciate the sentiments in the poetry. At least, that's how it works for me - deeper understanding and greater respect for these master craftsmen (and women) of the art.

Recently, I got to thinking about my English master at school - William Rees.

William Rees (aka 'Bingo') was the man who made little progress with me at the time (I scraped a pass for my English Literature certificate), but whom I still remember today and thank for his patience and sardonic wit, even when I fell asleep after lunch every week.

Bingo will have passed on by now. After all, he taught my father before me. He was well over six feet tall, with what must have been a beer belly. His shape and looks were reminiscent of De Gaulle, though his balding head carried red hair. I remember him with a ruddy complexion, a moustache, suede shoes, grey flannel trousers and a greeny check sports jacket.

Thanks Bingo for introducing me to William Golding, Shakespeare and the Twentieth Century Poets. I can still recite fragments of John of Gaunt's deathbed speech in Richard III, though I missed the point of 'Lord of the Flies' at the time.