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Best Thriller Book Authors - Who's Yours?

A Tough Question?

We could argue for ever about this, and I argued with myself too, and still do, in fact. Just who makes the grade as best thriller books author? I thought about the best thriller I'd ever read - and remember we're talking about probably ten sub-genres spanning techno-, horror, supernatural, espionage, action/adventure, war, political, crime/mystery and even some old sci-fi (which has now become reality).

What book really got your nerves jangling or made you stay awake until 3am reading it? Fine, that's a great place to start, but then did that author consistently churn out that level of nerve-tingling suspense? The 'best thriller ever' (measured, say, by a poll) was not necessarily written by the 'best thriller author' (semantics maybe, but there is a difference). 

Anyway, who do you reckon is the best thriller author, bearing in mind that subtle distinction? Is he/she on this list? You'll see the results when you click DONE (provided you click an answer).