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I’ve worked in many jobs and careers from chef to management consultant in many countries, so my experience, education and interests – as well as my age - informs my writing. The writing journey started in 2004 although the germ of a good plot - had been there for over 30 years.

'Gate of Tears' was the outcome. I learned a lot about writing and started to believe that I could actually tell a story. My readers seem to agree.

Along the way I was asked to write a biography and that proved to be a very interesting project - Susan's Brother was the result.

And now 'Sword of Allah', number 2 in the Maghreb Trilogy, following on from Sicilian Channel! And, there are many more to come, with 'Cause of All Causes' - number 3 in the Maghreb Trilogy due in 2017.

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Sword of Allah


This highly topical techno thriller blends political intrigue with suspense and gutsy action in sharply researched Mediterranean settings. Weapons of mass destruction are in terrorist hands. With much of the story based on fact, this is a chilling portrayal of a possible future.

In February 2016 North Korea announced the successful testing of a fusion bomb. This sets the backdrop to frantic diplomatic activity and a multi-threaded tale of intrigue with the involvement of Iran as well as North Korea. Outrageous demands by a visionary terrorist group become public and throw the United Nations into panic.

Ex-Royal Marine Steve Baldwin (Gate of Tears, Sicilian Channel) has been involved in tracking a rogue Chinese agent to Malta, but the capture does not go according to plan. Changed priorities resulting from the British Government’s dark objectives move the action to North Africa where political instability is the norm and duplicity the name of the game.

Thousands of lives are at stake, but the UK Prime Minister is bent on secretly acquiring the technology for her country. It’s an outrageous gamble with the lives of her agents (always dispensable) – and with the diplomatic reputation of the UK for a generation to come.

This riveting tale  - will be of interest to readers who enjoy topical tales of espionage and geopolitics based on leading edge technology with plenty of suspense and action.

This is Book 2 in 'The Maghreb Trilogy' following on from 'Sicilian Channel'.

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Format: Paperback, 320 pages.

Publisher: Wavecrest Publications UK

ISBN: 978-0-9568426-9-5

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Sicilian Channel 


This topical technothriller blends mystery and suspense in multiple plotlines. Vivid characters abound in sharply researched Mediterranean settings with technology, cyberwarfare and nautical content, all in the context of international politics and the the upsurge of Islamist terrorism. There are plenty of soft terrorist targets – and there is plenty of weaponry available after the fall of Gadaffi and the chaos in Libya.

Steve Baldwin has sailed to Crete in his search for a quiet life, still licking his wounds after the Gate of Tears fiasco. The Royal Marines had been his family, but now he is alone again – until he meets Helena.

She has a lot to hide and to avoid entanglement, Baldwin sets sail for Malta. There he is dragged kicking into the pursuit of a psychopathic female assassin – Maruška Pavkovic – with whom he shares some painful, bloody history. Can he ever escape these two clever, dangerous and demanding women – one of whom he is ordered to kill?

Islamist terrorism is spreading across the Sicilian Channel from the Maghreb into the soft underbelly of Europe – and Malta, with its Crusader history, is a key target. Abu ben-Zhair, the merciless terrorist master planner, is upping the stakes and religion is just one lever in his lust for power.

The chase – and the women – are more complex than Baldwin could ever have imagined.

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Format: Paperback, 320 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-9568426-4-0

Also available for Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Nook and other ereaders.


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 Gate of Tears

A near-future techno-thriller blending bio extraction of minerals, the gold standard and the changing world order with the political, military and industrial emergence of China as the world's leading superpower. With much of the story set in the volatile Yemen and Red Sea region, this novel takes a fascinating look at what might be just around the corner...

Paperback, 366 Pages, published by Ezeebooks UK.

ISBN: 978-0-9568426-0-2

Available at Amazon, Waterstones and all good bookstores. Kindle & ePUB versions available too at Lulu.

*...the action is fast paced, hard, gritty and realistic. A lover of the genre couldn’t ask for more or better - Novelist Lee Holz Full review


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Susan's Brother


In 1957, at the age of 10, Susan’s brother was in an adult unit at a mental hospital – a unit treating the most seriously ill. In 1985, Susan’s brother took delivery of an Aston Martin DBS V8.

This story is set in a Middle England which is recovering from the war. Damaged buildings and infrastructure have to be repaired, but also damage people and damaged lives.

This is based on a true history, a history that gives hope, a history that demonstrates how simple acts of kindness by friends and neighbours can help someone overcome tremendous handicaps, identity denial and neglect to become successful.

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Paperback, 220 pages

ISBN 978-0-9568426-5-7



New Cover May 2015

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